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Understanding Obstacles to Peace.

ISBN: 978-9970-25-036-3


The quest for peace in the Great Lakes region has never been more
urgent. The region has become the home of violent and prolonged
conflicts that have caused untold suffering and blocked any
meaningful socio-economic progress. And yet no solution seems to
be in sight. Attempts have been made to address the protracted and
largely intractable confl icts that have affl icted the region for many
years. Success has not been forthcoming.

Earlier initiatives approached these conflicts on a case-by-case
and state-by-state basis ignoring cases where the conflicts were
interrelated and overlapping with reciprocal effects on the entire
region. Understanding Obstacles to Peace highlights and draws
the necessary linkages, and points out areas that can be utilized in
working towards a regional and comprehensive settlement.

The book points out the actors; their interests and strategies in the
conflict formation and also gives recommendations for building
long-lasting peace. It gives the historical and contextual dimension
of every conflict, with specific references and will help in removing
any stumbling blocks to peace in the region.

Mwesiga Baregu is a professor of politics and international relations
at the University of Dar-es-Salaam. He specialises in conflict studies
and confl ict resolution, regional integration and international
political economy.
By:Mwesiga Baregu
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