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Lwoo-English Dictionary

ISBN: 9970 02 487 6


The Lwoo-English Dictionary is principally intended for use by speakers of Acholi and related languages, such as Alur, Jonam, Lango, Kumam Dhopadhola and Dholuo, as well as for those, both Luo and non-Luo speakers, who wish to have a clearer idea about the meanings of Acholi words and, to some extent, about how the Acholi language works. The main entries, all in the Acholi language, are provided with definitions in English and with examples of usage in Acholi with a parallel translation in English. This helps put the definitions in context. This dictionary should be of use in primary and secondary schools, at higher education institutions, as well as to the general public.

About Author
Alexander M. Odonga is a professor of Clinical Surgery, Faculty of Medicine, Makerere University Medical School, Mulago, Kampala
By:Alexander Odonga
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  • Edition: 2005

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