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Professional Social Work in East Africa: Towards Social Development, Poverty Reduction and Gender Equality

ISBN: ISBN 978-9970-25-370-8 (eBook); ISBN 978-9970-25-367-8 (Paper Ba


This book, based on comprehensive empirical research, portrays an emerging yet powerful profession that has a significant role to play in the endeavor towards social development, social justice, human rights and gender equality. The book is the first of its kind to provide first-hand theoretical and empirical evidence about social work in East Africa. The book raises the question of what social work’s proper role and function should be in the context of East Africa’s cultural, demographic, economic and political circumstances, and it is in this regard that it makes a particularly important international contribution. This scholarly book on social work in East Africa is a most welcome addition to the global literature on professional social work. Insightful chapters on poverty reduction, development, gender perspectives and the state of social work will interest readers from around the world and serve as essential material for the region. It is an impressive milestone in advancing locally authored social work literature.
By:H. Spitzer, J.M. Twikirize and G.G. Wairire (Eds)
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  • Edition: 2014

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