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Ecoculture of the Langi. The plains Nilotes of Central-Northern Uganda


Ecoculture of the Langi is a work that examines the relationship between ecology and culture; in particular, how ecology has shaped the culture of the Langi. Using a new approach, the author illustrates how various aspects of Lango life depend on and have been shaped by the ecology of Lango. From language to education, health, construction, marriage, gender roles, cooking, economic activities, beliefs, superstitions and myths - no facet of Lango life
is left untouched in this engaging and painstakingly researched book. Besides creating a formidable argument for the preservation of the ecology of Lango, currently under serious threat from human activity, the author has succeeded in creating a treasure trove of information on the rich Lango culture, which the present and future generations will find invaluable.
By:J.S. epila-Otara
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