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Challenging Social Exclusion: Multi-Sectoral Approaches to Realising Social Justice in East Africa

ISBN: 978-9970-25-887-1


In Challenging Social Exclusion: Multi-sectoral Approaches to Realising Social Justice in East Africa contributing authors interrogate the question of social justice in East Africa, unravelling how people who live on the margins of society are cheated of their livelihoods. The work delves into thorny issues in social justice and recommends ways of addressing them. Based on recent field research, the book is informed by views from latest scholarly works. Issues about social justice from various areas including judiciary, health, land law, education and legal institutions are presented and explained.

The authors, through examples from different sectors across East Africa, establish that attainment of social justice is the foremost concern of the legal sector in relation to social protection and resource sharing. They show that the justice, law and order institutions are means through which social justice should be accessed without discrimination of the poor, marginalised and vulnerable people.

Contributing writers are scholars from various backgrounds including development studies, social work and law. The book is written in clear language and well organised. It addresses the needs of social workers, local government leaders, women and gender activists, the legal fraternity and the general reader.
By:H.Hintjens, J.M. Maguru, F. Nyakaisiki, J.Odong (Eds.)
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