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Electoral Democracy in Uganda: Understanding the Institutional Processes and Outcomes of the 2006 Multiparty Elections

ISBN: 978-9970-02-670-8


The book analyses the institutionalisation of democratic practice in the country with reference to the 2006 elections. Accordingly, the book analyses the 2006 elections in terms of the broader process involving the setting of rules for political contests; the registration of voters and parties; the nomination of candidates; the campaigning and voting; the ballot counting and tallying; and, fi nally, the handling of election complaints. The book examines four key institutions that should, ideally, secure democratic governance – the parliament, the Electoral Commission (EC), the judiciary, and political parties. The book also has chapters on the roles of women, civil society and the media, and security agencies in the 2006 elections.
This book is a must read for contemporary researchers, students, donors and policy practitioners in the fields of democracy and governance; comparative politics; political institution-building; and African politics.
By:J. Kizza, S.Makara, L. Rakner
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  • Edition: 2008

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