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Genocide by Denial: How Profiteering from HIV/AIDS Killed Missions

ISBN: 978-9970-02-753-8

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This book is about the most devastating disaster since the bleak period of the Black Death catastrophe of 1347 to 1350 in Europe. The mystifying illness broke out simultaneously amidst the most dissimilar communities imaginable. Those initially affected comprised of mainly heterosexual poverty-stricken Africans in Central Africa and the affluent gay communities in the flamboyant cities of California in America. The new disease was named AIDS came close to wiping out an entire generation in Sub Saharan Africa.

His power of narrative is immense and his descriptions so elaborate, nothing is left to the imagination. He makes the reader 'see' and 'sense' what actually transpired in the early days of the Aids pandemic and after that, the reader is firmly in his grip and casually or even happily feeding from his hand. Never before has the story of Aids in Uganda and the world at large been captured with such a masterly display of wordcraft. This is a book that can be read for pleasure as a novel, for study as a documentary and for intellectual enrichment as a powerful and informed critique of the political economy of Aids.

~ Gawaya Tegulle
By:Peter Mugyenyi
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  • Edition: 2008

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